Nottingham City

Please be advised that if you are making a referral for someone who may become homeless or be evicted from their property, please call 0800 055 6184 to help us prioritise this referral. Thank you.

Services in Nottingham City

Moving Forward - housing related floating support for individuals with mental health issues (Service delivered by Awaaz, Framework and NCHA).

We provide free and confidential housing related support to people experiencing mental health problems, helping them to avoid the pain of homelessness and to live independently. The service, operated as a consortium consisting of Framework Housing Association, NCHA & Awaaz, helps people who are at risk of losing their home as a direct result of their mental health difficulties.

Staff provide tailored and one to one support to people over the age of 16 in Nottingham, helping them to stay in their home, set up a new home and live independently. Service users are given extensive help to improve their emotional wellbeing, to get on top of their finances, to learn the skills needed to live independently and to access training, employment and education.

What we are doing

Mental health difficulties are both a cause and effect of homelessness. Left unchecked treatable issues can combine with other personal problems and lead with frightening speed to a vulnerable person becoming homeless.

Moving Forward helps vulnerable people work through their problems before they lead to homelessness a situation that will only make their problems worse.

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* Please check service criteria and local connection guidance before proceeding.

What counts as a local connection?
The following situations give you a local connection. If you have more than one local connection, you should approach the council where you'd like to live :-

Living in an area

You have a local connection if you've lived in a council area for at least:
6 out of the last 12 months
3 out of the last 5 years
Staying in emergency housing or a refuge counts.
Time spent in prison or hospital doesn't count.

Working in an area
You have a local connection if you're working or self-employed in a council area.

Close family in the area
You have a local connection if any of the following family members have lived in a council area for at least 5 years:
adult children
brothers and sisters
The council might accept a local connection based on other family members. For example, if you were brought up by another relative and remain in close contact.

Care leavers
You have a local connection if you're under 21 and were previously in care in the area for at least 2 years (even if placed there by another council).
You also have a local connection if you're under 25 and you get advice and support from the council's social services department under a 'pathway plan'.
If your pathway plan is provided by a county council, you have a local connection to every local housing department covered by the county council.

Refugee status or humanitarian protection
You have a local connection to the last council area you were housed in by the Home Office under asylum support. It doesn't matter how long you lived there for.

Special reasons
The council could decide you have a local connection for a special reason such as:
a need to live in the area to receive specialist health care
very important social connections with the area